Promoting the awareness, understanding & control of weeds

The Weed Society of NSW Kelvin Green Student Prize

L Garnett, 2012 Undergraduate Student Prize winnerWeeds cost the Australian economy billions of dollars annually, so it is appropriate that universities adequately train future agriculturalists and environmental managers on the diversity of weed species, their adaptation and impact, and management. 

These complexities cannot be learned from just a few first year lectures.  Eligibility for the award is based on a 2nd and/or 3rd year module of at least one term of lectures on weeds as the minimum requirement.

The Weed Society of New South Wales Inc. supports an annual award to under-graduate students at participating universities who teach a weed science course, who have been recognised by the Faculty for excelling in this subject. 

The Society offers a $250 prize with the award but this only will be provided if the weeds course is sufficiently comprehensive to warrant support. Nominations are made by the participating institutions.



Previous Recipients


2016   Tanisha Shield   Charles Sturt University
    Brittany McVicar   University of New England
2015   Joash Parker   Charles Sturt University
2014    Chloe Roberts    Charles Sturt University
    Harry Pye   University of New England
2013   Nicolle Frost   Charles Sturt University
2012   Leah Garnett   Charles Sturt University
2011   Paul Tulk   Charles Sturt University
2009   Richard Burbury   Charles Sturt University
2008   Hollie Webster   University of New England
2007   Peter McEntee   Charles Sturt University
2006   Rebecca Haling   University of Sydney
2004   Murray Smith   University of New England
2003   Mathew Dwyer   University of Sydney
    Craig Muir   Charles Sturt University
    David van Ryswyk   University of New England
2002   Nicola Cottee   University of Sydney
2001   Sarah O'Brien   University of Sydney
    Keith Pengilley   University of New England
    Russel Grinter   Charles Sturt University
1999   Mark Trotter   University of New England
    Alison Fattore   Charles Sturt University