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Society Medal

Society Medal for Leadership The Weed Society of New South Wales

Medal for Excellence in Weed Management


The Society provides a Medal for Excellence periodically to recognise the sustained and influential contributions made by an individual to weed management in New South Wales.

Past Recipients

2018 Kim Hignell
2013 Peter McMaugh
2011 Warwick Felton
2010 Jim Swain
2010 Rex Stanton
2007 Lawrie Greenup
2004 Alan Murphy
2003 Mike Barrett
2002 Alec McLennan
2001 Hugh Milvain

Selection Criteria

The Society wishes to recognise outstanding contributions to weed management in New South Wales through the Award of a Medal.

  1. The Medal shall be known as “The Weed Society of New South Wales Medal for Excellence in Weed Management”.
  2. The Medal shall be a prestigious Award and, on average, shall be awarded each year.
  3. The Award shall be announced by the President of the Society at the Annual General Meeting/Annual Dinner (or other special event).
  4. The Award shall be an inscribed Medal plus a framed Citation signed by the President.
  5. The award of Medals shall be administered by an Awards Committee of the Society.
  6. The Awards Committee shall consist of the President (ex officio) and at least two other persons appointed by the Executive Committee, generally at the Annual General Meeting. Where possible, the Immediate-past President should be one of the appointees to the sub-committee.
  7. The Awards Committee shall call for nominations from Society members with a closing date of 30 August each year.
  8. Nominations will be prepared in confidence and treated confidentially by the Awards Committee.
  9. The Awards Committee will consider the nominations and, after deliberation, inform the executive committee of the successful nominees.
  10. The Executive Committee will consider the recommendations of the Awards Committee and make the final decision.
  11. The Award is open to anyone in New South Wales showing appropriate excellence.
  12. For the purpose of the Medal, “an outstanding contribution to weed management in New South Wales” shall be:

        12.1. A major contribution to the technology or practice of weed management.

        12.2. The contribution is recognised by peers as exemplary.

        12.3. An impact on the work of others.

        12.4. Sustained over a substantial period.

        12.5. The contribution can be based across several categories such as research, teaching,             administration, regulation, extension, commercial, or implementation of programs.

 These criteria are to assist the focus of the nominating member/s and the Awards Committee.


Completed nominations should be sent to:

Society Medal

The Secretary

Weed Society of New South Wales

PO Box 6

Muswellbrook NSW 2333