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CAWS Medal

CAWS Medal for LeadershipThe Council of Australasian Weed Societies (CAWS) recognises outstanding contributions to weed management in Australasia through the award of the CAWS Medal for Leadership. This is a prestigious award with, on average, no more than one medal being awarded each year.

The award recognises a contribution to the science, technology and practice of weed management through research, teaching, administration, extension and implementation of programs, which is:

  • outstanding, in that the contribution is recognised by peers to be exemplary in substance, objectives, methods and results;
  • influential on the work of others;
  • sustained over a long time, perhaps ten years or more;
  • substantial in that the contribution is broadly based across several categories listed above; and
  • national in its impact. (It should be noted here that locally outstanding contributions may be recognised by Member Societies of CAWS.)

The medal is administered by the Awards Committee of CAWS, comprising the CAWS President, Immediate Past President and one other person appointed by CAWS. The Awards Committee, through CAWS, calls for nominations at times which anticipate events where the medal(s) maybe presented.

Nominations should be made to the CAWS secretary. Forms are available from the CAWS website.

Past recipients from New South Wales

The following have received CAWS Medals since the inception of the award in 1984.

2010    Prof. Jim Pratley

2004    Mr Geoff Sainty

1998    Dr Deirdre Lemerle

1993    Mr James Swain

1992    Mr Warwick Felton

1990    Dr Bruce Auld

           Dr Malcolm Campbell

           Dr Dick Medd

           Dr Leon Smith

1987    Dr Peter Michael

1984    Mr Arthur Nelson Johnson

           Mr Alan Mears